Vendor Review: Beaded Beauty Boutique ~ <3
I recently had a chance to use some awesome gum ball necklaces from Beaded Beauty Boutique.  Tammy, the jewelry designer, creates fun, colorful necklaces for little girls making them feel beautiful.  She also offers custom necklaces to match Matilda Jane clothing (which I love!) so your little can be stylish every day!  If your little princess loves to wear jewelry then I highly recommend checking out Beaded Beauty Boutique. All the necklaces are hand crafted and were strong enough to allow the pulling and tugging that toddlers do occasionally during our photo session.  They have a toggle closure so they are secure while your little is wearing them.  I used the necklaces on girls ages 2-9 and they all did great for photos.  My daughter loves them!  Watching her decide which to wear is adorable as she always has a glow about her when she has one of these wonderful necklaces on.   Beaded Beauty Boutique ~ Tammy Childs Fb page: Etsy page: