Perfectly Flawed…a project in the making
It started in 4th grade with an art project. One of those silhouette drawings….that is when I began hating my nose and definitely my profile because I didn’t have that cute little nose all the other girls had & I’ve hated it ever since! But, I’ve decided that I am going to embrace my flaws, within reason of course 🙂 , and I am wanting to do a little project. I’m looking for a few women who have ‘flaws’….when I say flaws I mean what society views as flaws (freckles, stretch marks, too thin, too curvy, wrong size nose, the list could go on & on). I’m wanting to do a project and I’m looking for a few women who would be comfortable being photographed in their natural state.  If you have a ‘flaw’ and would like to be considered please fill out the form below.  *Please click the link above as the page is being crazy and showing the Senior Rep program instead of the Perfectly Flawed form on the home page & I can’t figure it out* Thanks!
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A few months ago my father gave me a few vintage cameras he had been saving up for me 🙂 So, I now the obsession with finding any and all vintage cameras to fill my home!
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Let little girls be….little….
As my daughter fast approaches the age of 9 (in her mind she is already 16) I find that it is hard for me to really SEE her as a child anymore.  She is so very independent, strong willed and just has a mind of her own that I tend to forget that she is STILL little!  I will be the first to tell you that I am not one of those mothers that fears (or cry) about my children growing up.  I want them to grow into compassionate, humble, kind, creative, independent adults with a boldness for life & an unfaltering faith in God.  I try my best to keep them just sheltered enough to let them be kids but still know the dangers the world holds and the responsibility they will be faced with as adults.  As I watch her play with her stuffed animals, her favorite, as she has never been a child to play with dolls or barbies, it is easy to see that yes, she is still just a little girl but she is on the brink of  discovering all the wonders and disappointments life has in store.  So, for now I’m going to try […]
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Flowers still life ;)
I shot this photo standing on my table :)….don’t tell my kids I did that!  Shot using a canon 7D, 50mm 1.2L lens.  I’m not much for still life photography….by that I mean, it’s not what I do but I love others photos of it!  However, this is definitely going to become a canvas to put in my powder room!  I love the colors and the vintage feel.
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Bring on Spring!!!
I’m tired of winter….and SNOW! So, I’m going to bring summer to you 🙂 I’ll be posting a few of my favorite summer photos from 2012 in hopes that it will convince mother nature that winter is over lol. Enjoy!   Not my usual editing style but I ♥ it! Bring on the green trees and the hot summer nights!   Waiting for the days when Batman can run around in his underwear 😉 *For those of you that don’t know, this is my son, Batman! No, we did not actually name him Batman but that is what everyone calls him…even his teacher lol. He has worn his cape almost every day for 2 years now and will be sure to fight you in Wal-Mart or a dark alley. So, if you see a little boy with a Batman cape (and hopefully a shirt & pants) on I will probably be walking behind him 😉   How beautiful is this little girl…and the lighting! I ♥ the way the sun just lights up her hair 🙂 Miss the girl and summer!
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